How to use Grammarly in Word – Simple Way

Content is one of the most important aspects of today’s Internet era. Above this, making great content that is error-free and unique is more necessary. We are humans and thus it is evident that we will make mistakes.

Making mistakes is fine but putting those contents with error on blogs or websites is not advisable. Thus, correcting those grammatical errors and spelling mistakes is mandatory.

Grammarly for word

For error correction, using an online tool is always suggested. A lot many online free and premium tools are available on the Internet. But you need to select the best one available to save your money and time.

One of the finest tools available on the Internet is Grammarly. It is available in the free and premium versions. Alex Shevchenko and Lytvyn’s hard work finally turned up into Grammarly Incorporation The company is headquartered at San Francisco.

Grammarly is designed in a manner that it could be useful to all writers irrespective of their age or experience. Whether you are a pro or a total beginner, Grammarly will be helpful to fix a lot many errors that you might have not noticed.

Grammarly tool has millions of words and phrases in its database to serve you very efficiently. Moreover, Grammarly can help you fix more than 350 errors in your content.

Grammarly could be used in many ways like it has its own personalized online editor available at Moreover, you can use it in various online editors like WordPress, Blogger, Gmail, etc.

One of the most awesome features of Grammarly is that it is compatible with MS Office. You can directly install a Grammarly add on to your MS Word and can get all the benefits of the Grammarly right into your PC.

Let’s explore how to use Grammarly in Word.


How to use Grammarly in Word?

Using Grammarly with Word is extremely easy. But for that, you need to have your account on Grammarly. Let’s see how can you create your account on Grammarly.


Creating an account on Grammarly:

#1. Visit

Free Grammar Checker | Grammarly

#2. Click on Sign Up.

How do I create a Grammarly account? - Answers

#3. Fill in required details

Grammarly - Writing Skills Tool - College of Nursing - University of Saskatchewan

#4. Complete the process of signup.

Here, your account is created. With this account, you can access Grammarly in its own editor available at You can also use the same account for other online editors like or any other.

Now, the same account will be useful for using the Grammarly tool with MS Word. Let’s explore how to use Grammarly in Word.

#1. Download Grammarly addon for MS Word.

#2. Install the addon.

#3. Now open MS Word.

#4. On the right of a menu bar, click “Enable Grammarly”.

#5. Start typing in as you do usually.

Similarly like the online editors, you will get the sidebar where Grammarly will display all the errors and their suggestions. Using Grammarly with MS Word makes it extremely easy for you to develop a great quality of content.

The other benefit of using Grammarly with MS Word is that you can access Grammarly direct into your windows with all the comforts and features of MS Word.

One thing that you need to take care of while using Grammarly with Word is that Grammarly will require an Internet connection for functioning. This is required because Grammarly accesses its database stored on its server. For this access, it needs to get an Internet connection.

After a good overview of how to use Grammarly with Word, I am sure you will be interested in knowing more about Grammarly, its features, and how it works.


Features of Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the finest tools available on the Internet for proofreading. You cannot just compare any other such tool with Grammarly. Grammarly is serving the content writers since 2009.

Serving since 2009, Grammarly has got a lot many updates and the team of Grammarly Incorporation has been striving hard to make it better day by day. With a lot of research and efforts, now Grammarly helps you with almost all problems of Content writing or verifying.

Grammarly gives two kinds of errors. One type of error is marked as Red and are crucial errors. These errors are such that you need to correct them before publishing. The second type of error that Grammarly represents is advanced errors. These are represented with Golden color.

The crucial errors show up the mistakes in spellings and some crucial grammatical errors. While the advanced errors show up mistakes in voices like passive voice used instead of active voice or incorrect formation of phrases, etc.

Along with highlighting the required changes, it also shows you suggestions by hovering the highlighted part of the content. This makes your work easy and ensures that no errors are leftover.

When you hover your mouse over the highlighted part, Grammarly will display up to 3 suggestions that best suit your mistake. This way Grammarly helps you make your content better.

Over and above this, Grammarly also provides a plagiarism checker. It will highlight all the small phrases that seem to be plagiarized. Along with highlighting the phrases or statements, it will also rate the article on the basis of the originality of content. It will show the percentage of copied content.

This way if you are dealing with content writers in your day to day life and you want to check the quality of their work, it becomes extremely easy for you to check the grammatical errors along with the plagiarism report.

You can also download a detailed report of the article and can share it with your client or your writer. This makes everything very clear and transparent from your end. In case you are working for your client and while writing if Grammarly gives you the maximum score for your content and 0 percent plagiarism, you can proudly show it to your client.

This helps you build good relations and trust with the client. I hope this informative post on how to use Grammarly in Word and the features of Grammarly will be helpful!

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