Grammarly vs Turnitin : Which is a better tool?

Content development is one of the fastest-growing fields. With the increasing number of websites and with the increasing competition to rank on the first page in Google, everyone is trying hard to develop the best content.

We are humans and making mistakes is one of the qualities of us ;). But while dealing with the content for a website or blog, it is mandatory that we develop a good quality and error-free content.


Irrespective of we being a pro in the writing field or a total beginner, we will make mistakes in our content. Most probable mistakes are grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, punctuations, etc.

Even while proofreading the content that we wrote, we may skip a few errors that our readers or maybe our client will not like. So, it is necessary to fix those errors and ensure that there are no glitches in the final content.

To ensure that the article is perfect without any glitches, we need to use some online tools for proofreading and correcting our mistakes. There are a lot of tools available on the Internet but you can not waste your hard-earned bucks and precious time in testing them all.

Thus I bring here two very famous tools Grammarly and Turnitin. These two tools are one of the pioneers in this field. Again, these tools being the best will keep you confused on which one to select. In order to help you select the best tool here, we are with a post of Grammarly vs Turnitin Review.

Let’s explore the features of Grammarly and the features of Turnitin.


Features of Grammarly

Grammarly, one of the finest tools developed by Grammarly incorporation in 2009 has been into discussions for a long among the writers. This is because of its efficiency and easiness of use the tool.

Grammarly has millions of words and phrases in its database to ensure that no mistakes are left untouched. Thus, with Grammarly, you can fix all kinds of errors and can be sure that no more errors are leftover in your content.

Grammarly helps you solve over 275+ types of errors. This will make your work easier, faster, and efficient. Let’s move ahead with Grammarly vs Turnitin review and take a look in detail at the Grammarly’s feature.

#1. Grammar and Spell Checker

Free Grammar Checker | Grammarly

Grammarly is famous for its efficiency in finding grammatical and spelling errors. It will highlight the errors in red and golden colors. The red-colored errors are crucial errors that you need to fix them in all cases. While the golden errors are those which are advanced mistakes and fixing these errors will help you generate a perfect content.

Above this, it will also help you fix the punctuation mistakes and also spelling errors.


#2. Plagiarism Detector

Excellent Plagiarism Checker from Grammarly | Crossing World Borders

Grammarly provides one of the finest and most efficient plagiarism checkers. You can get the percentage of the plagiarized content and also highlights the plagiarized content. This will help you change the plagiarized content and thus you can develop a hundred percent original content.


#3. Proofreading

Grammar Correction & Proofreading Service with Grammarly 1000 Words for $3 - SEOClerks

It does not matter if you are a content writer or you need to deal with content writers in your day to day life. You can easily proofread the content and can see if the content is perfect for publishing or not.

In case you are asking your writers to write the content for you. You can easily verify the content and can see if the content is plagiarized or not.


#4. Indicates repetitive words

While developing content we sometimes overuse a particular word. This may not seem something wrong to us, but this will pinch the eyes of our readers. Grammarly is smart enough to indicate these repetitive words and will suggest to us synonyms that suit in the sentence.

So, with this, you would have got a clear idea of Grammarly and its features. Now let’s take a look at the features of Turnitin.


Features of Turnitin

Turnitin again is one of the very famous tools available on the Internet. It was launched long back in 1997 by iParadigms, LLC. Since then it has been helping university students improve their writing skills and also helps in developing good content.

#1. Email Late Submitters

Turnitin Late Submission Hack - ibmoxa

This will help students to get a reminder email if they have not submitted their assignments on time. This helps the university professors to collect the assignments easily from the students.

#2. Images

The students here can easily submit images in any format and thus helps in grading them. It becomes extremely easy for the students to submit their assignments and also helps the professors to review and put grades on the assignments.


#3. Submit files

Submitting Turnitin Assignments - shuTech Blog

Here students can submit files for their assignments. These files could be of any type rather word file, excel file, pdf, etc. Thus it makes it easy for the student to submit all kinds of files. The only restriction is that the file size should be less than 40 Mb. However, these files like PDF, PPT, etc. can easily be submitted in the size of less than 40 Mb.


#4. Plagiarism checker

Moodle plugins directory: Turnitin plagiarism plugin

Plagiarism checker helps to check if the student has copied the assignment from anywhere on the Internet or has copied it from another student. Thus, it is beneficial for the professors and this ensures that the student does all his work on their own.

With these features of Turnitin, you might have got a clear idea of what is the use of Turnitin and how efficient it is.

Both the tools Grammarly and Turnitin are one of the finest tools available on the Internet, however, it depends totally on the use of the writer.

This ends the post on Grammarly vs Turnitin Review and hopes this post will help you select the best tool for your usage. While opting for any of the tools do keep in mind the features mentioned in this post of Grammarly vs Turnitin Review.

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