Grammarly Review 2020 : This is Best Grammar Checker YES OR NO?

Are you a content writer or do you need to deal with content writers in your day to day life? Then you will agree that correcting minor spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes is a mere headache for all of you. Here in this post, I assure you to introduce one of the finest tools to check the grammatical and spelling mistakes. Here we go with the Grammarly review in this post

Experts say that what you write shows your personality. This not only helps people understand what kind of person you are but also gives an idea of your thinking capacity and your knowledge level.

So it is highly important for you to make sure that whatever you write is next to perfection. Every time you write, irrespective of you being a beginner or a pro, you will make minor mistakes for sure. Generally, we use MS Word to correct our mistakes, which does its job but it is not much efficient.

Thus being a writer or being into the content field it becomes highly necessary for you to get everything to the level of perfection. This could be done with one of the finest tools called Grammarly. Let’s get started with the Grammarly review.


Grammarly Review

Features of Grammarly Tool

Starting the Grammarly review, I would first mention it is awesome! It helps in finding grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, plagiarism, vocabulary, and also rates your article out of 100 points.

With Grammarly, you can get your writing pieces to the perfection level. Being a pro in content writing I always suggest people never to your passive voice. We are supposed to write each and every single line in active voice and generally first or second person.

In case if you are not able to follow this particular rule (which is highly recommended) Grammarly will automatically highlight those points where you have used passive voice and will suggest your statements in the active voice.

How does Grammarly Work

With the above mentioned Grammarly reviews and its features, you would have understood the importance and sophistication level of Grammarly. As said by everyone, Grammarly is one of the finest tools available on the Internet.

Grammarly works online synchronized with its server and has such millions of words and phrases in its database. Once you are done writing your document just copy-paste the text into the Grammarly editor and it will start doing its job.

In this Grammarly review, I would surely mention the addons that  Grammarly provides for Google Chrome and Safari browsers. Once you install those addons, you will be able to use Grammarly in major text editors like Gmail, WordPress, Blogger, etc.

So when you put up your content in one of these editors or directly in the Grammarly editor on, you will see all the errors will be highlighted.

You will notice two types of errors in your document one will be marked with red color and the other with Golden color. The errors marked with the Red color are the critical errors which are needed to be fixed on the priority basis and those in the Golden color are other errors.

Errors in the Golden color generally highlight the phrases which are not arranged properly and also highlight those statements into passive voice.

You can access the Golden colored errors only in the Premium version which is very essential to purchase. This will help you get your content to the perfection and perfect and error-free content can easily rank on search engines.


How to get a Grammarly tool?

After reading the above Grammarly reviews, I am sure you might be planning to get the Grammarly tool for yourself. Getting access to the Grammarly tool is as easy as having a glass of water 😉

What you need to do is just sign up on the website of the Grammarly tool.

Follow these steps to get the Grammarly tool for yourself:

#1. Click the above link.

#2. This will open up, now click on signup.

#3. Fill up the necessary details and create your account.

Wola!! You are done!

Now, as discussed in the above Grammarly review, if you would like to have the chrome or safari extension of Grammarly, follow the below steps.

#1. Go to the chrome web store.

#2. Search for the Grammarly extension.

#3. Install Grammarly Extension for Google Chrome or Safari.

Wola!! Again you are done!

So you see, how easy it is to get access to the Grammarly tool by reading this Grammarly review post. Let’s check out the pros and cons of Grammarly.

Pros and Cons of Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the finest tools available on the Internet, there are more pros of it rather than cons. You just cannot make Grammarly’s comparison with any other tools available. To make the importance of Grammarly more clear, I decided to write the Pros and Cons of Grammarly in this Grammarly review post.

#1. Free and Premium:

As mentioned above in the Grammarly reviews, it is available in both the free and the premium versions.

#2. Mistake detection:

It has one of the finest algorithms to catch up with all your mistakes and highlight them to you.

#3. Suggestions

It not only highlights your mistakes but also suggests you alternative word or words for your mistake. Thus it makes your work extremely easy and fast.

#4. High accuracy:

As mentioned above in the Grammarly review, it gives you the maximum accuracy possible. It detects minor and major errors with great efficiency.

#5. Compatibility:

It is compatible with almost all major text editors like WordPress, Gmail, Blogger, etc. It is also compatible with MS Word!


Cons of Grammarly

#1. Needs internet connection

#2.Compatible with MS Word but no such functionality for MAC. However, you can use it in the Safari browser on your MAC PC.


Versions of Grammarly:

As mentioned in the above Grammarly review and Pros and Cons of Grammarly, it is available in Free and Premium versions.

For a premium plan, you can get a lot of discount offers here in this Grammarly review blog. So keep yourself updated and get discounts on the Grammarly Premium version.

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